Wednesday, 3 July 2013

MoD New Cost Saving Rules

MoD New Cost Saving Rules - New proposals for changing the rules which govern how UK MOD contracts are awarded could save British taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds.    The proposals to reform single source procurement regulations form part of the Government’s Better Defence Acquisition White Paper, which has been published by MoD.      It outlines plans to establish a new, independent body which would oversee contracts that have to be awarded without competition, either because of specialist Armed Forces requirements or national security reasons.

Almost half of the money spent on defence equipment every year is awarded through single source procurement under a system that has been largely unchanged since 1968. ASTUTE, and SUCCESSOR Submarines, Type 45 Destroyers and the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, and the TYPHOON fighters are just some of the equipment that is bought and maintained this way.

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