Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cobham Australian Success

Cobham Australian Success – the “British” Cobham Group has a quite distinct maritime footprint despite, or perhaps because of its aviation heritage.   The Group has three Divisions (Aerospace and Security, Defence Systems and Mission Systems) and among the many contracts held is the now extended one from the Australian Border Protection Service.

Cobham has received a one year supplementary contract extension from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service to provide maritime surveillance services using two Cessna F406 twin turboprop fixed – wing aircraft.    The contract will now run until June 2014.     The aircraft are fitted with a surveillance radar and satellite communications, providing 2,000 hours of maritime surveillance per year.   In addition, Cobham provides 15,000 hours of annual cover using ten Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft under a separate contract that runs through to 2021.      Due to geography the Australian Border Protection operation is the largest civil surveillance operation in the world, which Cobham has successfully supported since 1995.

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